Vision, Mission and Values

SDO is a management consulting firm specializing in the transformation of human capital. It offers structured dimensions in 3 strategic dimensions: Culture, Talent and Leadership. In the partnerships with our clients we develop projects as diverse as Change Management, Assessment, Training and Development, Executive Coaching, Process Management, Talent Management, Sourcing and Skills Mapping.

SDO Manifest

I, SDO, would like to introduce myself by answering some questions that may interest you.

I am recognized and like to be praised and adored by my clients, ensuring that my employees take pride in me. I make sure that each contact leaves a memory and that situations are reinforced by feelings.

I do not consider myself vain nor I’m ashamed of what I say. I would be ashamed of mistakes, laziness, lack of commitment, disloyalty … but knowing what I am doing, making a plan, achieving my goals continuously, of that I am not ashamed!

I am proud of my delivery. I excel for the quality and depth of my work. I like to make sure that I am contributing to an improvement at every moment.

My difference is being emotional, falling in love with each project. It is to do everything with what I know. Assimilate, digest and build with passion. It is growing and learning each day without ever thinking that there is nothing left to discover.

I am safe about my way. I’m not afraid of disappointments, they make me evolve. I show this to others through my agility, my chameleonic ability, adapting to each challenge in a transparent, objective and pragmatic manner.

My way is to adapt quickly to the evolution of the world. I know of everything that goes on around me. I understand in which paradigm each of my clients act and analyze their challenges. I am intellectually curious. I proactively propose new solutions.

I have fun with each delivery because it is always better than the last. I am happy and contribute to the happiness of my employees and partners.