SPIL Program – Testimonials

In order to satisfy the curiosity of those who have been following the SPIL Program developed by our Manager Rui Carvalho, we are sharing the testimonies of some of the pioneers who have ventured and dedicated three immersive days to the leadership program. Through an inside-out perspective, themes such as VULNERABILITY and AUTHENTICITY are developed, in light of the paradigm shift we are all witnessing, where today’s LEADER assumes a determining role not only in his own development, but in that of his team, being the central promoter of a harmonious environment of unity, proactivity, accountability and innovation.

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SPIL is much more than leadership training, it is a process that constantly challenges us to self-knowledge and personal development. It is an impactful approach that invites us to deconstruct “our” truths, to identify vulnerabilities and to build our leadership with authenticity. Thank you to the training team that was fantastic throughout the process.

Sílvia Alemão

Human Resourses Manager, Bet Entertainment Technologies Limited

SPIL is a transformative program that challenges us to be authentic leaders in order to come closer to our teams. Unlike traditional programs, focused on learning specific behavioral models and techniques, SPIL challenges us to look for our best version. It is a journey in which we become aware of who we really are – how we are perceived by others, and more specifically by our team – and where we acquire tools to promote a culture of greater authenticity in our teams and in the company as a whole.

Teresa Coutinho

Talent Manager SDO Consulting

Participating in the SPIL Program was a FANTASTIC experience! Based on diverse and innovative methodologies, the program “obliges” the Leader to constantly challenge himself in order to achieve, on the one hand, self-knowledge and, on the other hand, to enhance his evolution, whether in the personal sphere or the professional one. These are 3 days of intense and impactful training, where the concepts of Vulnerability and Authenticity are worked on in a way never before thought, in order to make Liders understand that before trying to meet their team(s), they have to know and reflect first on the SELF – only by recognizing and assuming their VULNERABILITIES the Leaders are able to inspire and foster a spirit of AUTHENTICITY in their Team(s). This is undoubtedly a training that Organizations should bet on … What are you waiting for?

Sandra Silvestre

Head of Training Operations at TAP Air Portugal