Quality policy



Customer Focus

SDO Consulting’s primary commitment is to provide a quality customer service, so we place our clients’ expectations at the center of our operations. Our success is measured through customer satisfaction and translates into customer loyalty.

Results orientation

Quality performance is the key to long-term business results and sustainable development, taking into account the interests of Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Shareholders. We have made a continuous effort to align and improve our service offer, competitiveness and positioning in the domestic and international markets.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Innovation and continuous improvement of the services we provide to our customers are a constant practice. We actively sensitize all our employees to the importance that quality assumes in the current and future satisfaction of our customers’ requirements. Our continuous improvement process is based on updating our Employees’ knowledge and seeking best practices worldwide.

Partnership Work

For each project we strive to partner with the best business partners so that, based on establishing mutually beneficial relationships, we can jointly innovate and improve the performance and satisfaction levels of the Customers we share.


Promoting the development and skills of all employees and improving their performance and quality of life through investment in training and awareness actions.

Certified by Norm NP EN ISO 9001; 2008 since January 2011;
Updated certification by Norm  NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 since January 2018.

Member of the National Social Responsibility Network (Rede RSO PT), established in November 2008 as an informal, open, multisectoral and multifunctional structure that promotes the social responsibility of the Organizations in Portugal and already has over 200 members.

Certification of Training Activity in the following areas of education and training:

090 – Personal Development
149 – Teacher Education / Trainers and Educational Sciences
341 – Commerce
345 – Management and Administration
346 – Secretariat and Administrative Work
862 – Safety and Health at Work.