Author: Inês Bento

29 Jan

SPIL Program – Testimonials

In order to satisfy the curiosity of those who have been following the SPIL Program developed by our Manager Rui Carvalho, we are sharing the testimonies of some of the pioneers who have ventured and dedicated three immersive days to the leadership program. Through an inside-out perspective, themes such as VULNERABILITY and AUTHENTICITY are developed, Read more
29 Jan

SPIL Program

The leader self-development programme aims to create an authenticity culture in teams and organisations The role of the leader as culture development agent within the organisation These days, leadership has been one of the most debated and laboured themes for organisations. Since the development of leaderships based in specific styles, as well as the types Read more
27 Sep

Sandra Lourenço

With a degree in Psychology and Post Graduation in Marketing, she started early in the world of consulting, where she designed and developed several projects in the area of Development and Training, Recruitment and Selection, Assessment and Transformational Processes of Culture and Talent Management. This experience allowed her to have a cross-sectional view of Consulting Read more
26 Sep


Paula Oliveira will be at the Leadership Summit on October 1st with yet another provocative and disruptive theme. The status quo of crystallized leaderships in most companies in Portugal will be questioned. These are the leaderships preventing younger generations from being able to participate in decision making, take on more responsibilities and generate incremental and Read more
13 Sep


We will go together when authenticity overcomes the status quo Paula Oliveira, Senior Partner at SDO Consulting, responded to Líder magazine on this year’s  Leadership Summit Portugal big themes. Leaving the topic of her presentation a mystery, Paula Oliveira speaks of her willingness to change the status quo and the importance of the constant change Read more
11 Sep

Patrícia Halm

She is a versatile and experienced executive with over 20 years of experience managing multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams, keeping the focus on project management, reorganization and team motivation, developing a strong experience in Human Resources, as well as in Legal and Operations, acting as Director. She is currently the administrator of SDO Consulting and is Read more
11 Sep

Ricardo Fortes da Costa

A leadership and human capital specialist with over 20 years of executive and multinational experience. Entrepreneur, manager, teacher, researcher, speaker, consultant, coach, blogger and writer, defines his career as a constant pursuit of new challenges. He leads the Portugal branch of business at SDO Consulting and is also a professor at Lisbon Catholic School of Read more
11 Sep

Miguel Rodrigues

He has worked at SDO Consulting since February 2016 as Financial Manager / TOC. However, his relationship with the Group dates back to September 2013, when the branch office in Portugal was established. In his academic curriculum there’s a degree in Economics and a postgraduate degree in Advanced Financial Accounting from INDEG / ISCTE. Professionally, Read more
11 Sep

Teresa Pereira Coutinho

She experienced both sides of the business. The beginning of her career was in consulting and then moved on to the client, rising to Director of Human Resources. She lived three unforgettable years in Angola, where the greatest challenge of her life was embraced, developing a Human Resources Direction in an Investment and Participation Group Read more
11 Sep

Rui Carvalho

Consultant, trainer, educator, curious and creative, he has been working for 25 years in the human resources and consulting area, building a consolidated experience where training, people management and project management stood out in the areas of banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, insurance, services and others. Passionate about the universe of emotional management and social intelligence, he Read more